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One type of treatment offered by Psychologists, along with other mental health professionals who are more narrowly trained or may be trained in another specialty, is Psychotherapy. Various types of methods can be used to assist the person to understand the nature of the problem and make change to the symptoms that are being experienced.  Sometimes psychopharmacology is indicated.  In New York State Psychologists are not licensed to provide or monitor medication. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the treatment of choice for most forms of anxiety symptoms even in the presence of other diagnoses which may require some form of medication for effective treatment.

Our approach requires us to collect all relevant information before doing anything other than supportive or client-centered counseling.

We are also very aware of the enormity of environmental stressors, factors outside of the human body and awareness, that impact the functioning of human beings; from the presence of economic loss through those of having some relationship with others who support our individual beliefs about things that cannot be controlled in the moment.

Dr. Weiler has learned how to navigate the environment in which we live, initially for his patients, and then for himself, and most recently with advent of robotic information systems, is learning how to time their input so that additional stress in not produced by them. 

Over the years, Dr. Weiler has learned the role of the Psychologist in identifying factors of importance to the legal professional, especially in issues involving children and their families, and individuals with conditions which may limit their abilities to understand or function competently within the legal system.    

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