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headshot We are physically located in a two hundred year old house in front of which stands a “50 Mile” marker which signaled the US Postal Service rider identifying that distance from the border of New York City’s Northern borough of the Bronx. The Old Post Road was renamed for a well known member of the Mead family and occupied, for the earlier part of the 20th century by another Mead who was hemiplegic at birth and who worked at the nearby Four Winds Hospital, then a private residence owned by a Psychiatrist.  Many of the plantings were shared by both homes and a concern about the mental health well-being of people was shared.

Dr. Marc E. Weiler is a NYS licensed Psychologist with many years of work experience and training. Clinical Psychologists were initially seen as assessors of aspects of variables, either easily visible, or more in the nature of hypothetical constructs (things that theoretically exist) that have both validity and reliability which can be measured by research with groups of individuals  thought to have them. Diagnosis of a presenting problem begins with a face to face interaction, and can continue, if called for, with further specific tailored assessments or testing.

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